#40 Trea time

Today I felt like writing a little about the Nationals new phenom Trea Turner. The Nats speedster is so electric that he’s easily becoming one of my favorite players. So I’m just going to write a little and maybe make a case for him to win national league ROY. First I just want to say that Thursday I couldn’t think of anything to write about so I decided to take a day off so I’m sorry to anyone who was looking for something to read on Thursday.

When Trea Turner became a full time starter (mostly in CF but some 2B) he solidified the Nats lead off spot. He’s one of the fastest players in baseball and he brings pretty good power to the table as well. Ben Revere has been the Nats lead off hitter for the majority of the season, he’s really fast also but he wasn’t really hitting and brought 0 power. I don’t know about you but hitting .350 11 homers and 27 steals in just a couple months makes for a good lead off hitter. Let’s go back to my “prediction” post, I said Orlando Arcia was my pick was to win NL ROY. And my reasoning was because I thought he’d be called up by June (he wasn’t) and could hit 10+ homers and 20+ steals. Surprise that’s what Turner is doing only better. Right now I still think Corey Seager has the ROY award in his pocket, hitting .313 with 25 homers can do that for you, but I honestly think Trea Turner could steal it from him. Trea should get some serious consideration for rookie of the year.