#41 the Cubs will not win the World Series

I’m sure the title has already ticked off some Cub fans but it’s my opinion. I’ll write a quick post about how I’m 84% sure (odd number but I’ll explain later) they won’t win the World Series. I woke up this morning thinking I was going to write about Gary Sanchez again, who hit his record breaking 19th homer last night in just his 43rd game of the year. But I’ve already written about him plenty so I decided to make some Cub fans mad.

I actually have some statistics to back up my opinion this time. The team with the best record (a little over a week left but it’ll probably be the Cubs) in baseball wins the World Series only 16% of the time. That means there’s an 84% chance of the other playoff teams winning it. It shouldn’t take a mathematical bookie to realize if the odds are 16/84 you bet the 84 every time. Now that’s not saying the Cubs aren’t a good team because of course they are but I’m saying there is actually a very little chance of them winning the World Series. I can see they’re a talented team but people think because I’m not all about the Cubs like everyone else it makes me a hater. The Cubs have a very good lineup with Rizzo and Bryant but other than that I don’t see much, you can throw Russell in there but he’s only hitting .240. Zobrist slowed down big time, same with Fowler, Soler and Baez aren’t even everyday players. Above average hitting team but not the best at all. Now onto pitching where I thought they’ve been weak all year long. The addition of Chapman and Montgomery at the trade deadline really solidified the bullpen, I know Montgomery has made some starts for them but he’s not a starter I assume they’re just stretching him out so he can pitch multiple innings in the playoffs. I still believe the Cubs are one starter behind. Yes, Kyle Hendricks is having a phenomenal year 15-8 with an era a little over 2. Probably a once in a lifetime type of year, not even close to Jake Arrieta last year but still, Hendricks gives up solid contact, doesn’t really strike anyone out, and has a walk rate that’s nothing special. A Cy young candidate but won’t win. I’m sorry this started as I was just going to write a short post about the numbers and how they probably won’t even make it but it lasted a lot longer than I thought. I’d still put my money on the Nats being the NL champs.