#31 players weekend

I’m still in that mid season drag, don’t really know why, but anyway I don’t really have anything specific to talk about today. Since nothing is really popping into my I’m just going to write a quick post about the players weekend, I’ve been planning about writing about this subject for a couple months but I just kept forgetting. This will probably be a fairly short post but just like any other job you have to go to work even if you’re not feeling it.

For those that don’t know the players weekend will be August 25th-27th and it’s a weekend where MLB will “loosen” their usual uniform restrictions. I put loosen in quotations because I fully believe there will still be some restrictions and not unrestricted even though I’ve heard some report its unrestricted, like I don’t see a player wearing bright pink cleats with a blue jersey. But who knows I’m not in these meetings I could be totally off. All we know so far is that players get to wear their nicknames on the back of the jerseys, instead of just their last names, and supposedly the MLB is loosing the restrictions on the rest of the uniform socks, cleats, batting gloves, etc. but we’ll see. So far all I’ve seen is the jerseys they’ll be wearing and they look pretty cool and the nicknames, the nicknames are pretty simple like “Yadi” for Yadier Molina, or “Zim” for Ryan Zimmerman, “Murph” for Daniel Murphy, simple stuff like that. But I have also seen some pretty creative ones like “All Rise” for Aaron Judge, and “Don’t You Know” for Robinson Cano. Should be a pretty interesting weekend all around but I think we can all agree Kyle Seager won the nickname game with “Corey’s Brother”.