#30 MVP race

I was talking to my cousin about the MVP races in both leagues this morning, and it got me thinking I could probably write about it today. The NL is a lot more interesting than the AL but it is still very intriguing to me. I just knew I could write/talk about this subject for hours so I figured I could write an entire post about it. I’ll be honest with you I’ve been a little disconnected from baseball for about a week (call it a mid season drag) so I apologize but that’s why I missed Thursday, needed a mental day off.

I’ll start in the AL because I have less to say. The MVP race is only between two in opinion, Jose Altuve and Chris Sale. There’s a little over a month and a half left in the regular season and Altuve is on pace to hit .360+ 20+ homers 80+ rbis and 30+ stolen bases, that’s a pretty strong offensive season and honestly I think it’s his award to lose. I mentioned Chris Sale not because of the 13-4 record or the 2.70 era, there’s better, but it’s his 216 strikeouts that set him apart from the competition. That’s around 30 over the next closest. He has always been a first half player so his most recent start, where he really struggled, might be the start of his down turn. I’m not saying he’s going to continue to pitch badly down the stretch, I’m just saying he might be just an average pitcher going forward. Someone will eventually bring up Mike Trout, of course he’s having a great year and it’s too bad he got injured but it happens and he missed a quarter of the season.

Now the NL, I’m not even sure I’ll get to everybody who has a shot to win MVP. Where to even start? Well first it will definitely be a hitter and second there isn’t a clear cut favorite. Let’s start with who I think will win and that’s Bryce Harper (call me biased I don’t care) 29 homers 80+ rbis and .325+ average with a month and a half to go is a lot like the numbers he put up in 2015 when he won it. And I personally think Harper has the ability to put up even better numbers down the stretch, the last couple weeks he’s been in one of his “mini slumps” where he swings at everything so hopefully he sharpens up his eye and stops swinging at balls. And then there’s Paul Goldschmidt who has similar numbers to Harper but less homers and more stolen bases. Then there’s Nolan Arenado who already has 90+ rbis and Charlie Blackmon who has already scored 100 times. Don’t forget the Dodgers who have been on fire since they called up Cody Bellinger. Obviously there are so many players that have a shot at the MVP trophy this year.