#19 draft results

Last night was the MLB draft’s first and second round and now that it’s done and over with I have a couple notes on it. This should be a relatively short post, but no guarantees because once I get talking about prospects I could just go on forever.

I have to mention the first overall pick, Royce Lewis. Lewis being taken 1/1 surprised me as well as most of the guys covering the draft. Not knocking Royce Lewis’s talent level but it was kind of a shock the Twins took a high school shortstop at number 1. He’s at least 3 years away and I personally thought they’d take someone who can make the majors quick so he can help them win now not three years down the road. Now about Royce Lewis, he is super talented and he’s one of those players that you can’t wait until he gets major league coaching and his potential can fly through the roof. He is kind of like a less powerful Javy Baez, he looks like he has more contact ability too but once he faces better pitching who knows, but he has electric tools and an electric personality just like Javy and like Baez he doesn’t have a legitimate position. He has played center field, second base, and shortstop the last three years and each year he won Gatorade high school player of the year.

One of my favorite pics of the draft was the Astros first pick, J. B. Bukauskas. The RHP from the university of North Carolina was the 7th best ranked draft prospect but slid to 15 where the Astros snatched him up. The Tar Heel (more than likely former Tar Heel) throws in the 94-97 mph range with a plus slider/curve that sits in the mid 80’s. Why I like him is because I think he could of gone number 1 but he slid to 15, and he’s actually compared to current Astros pitcher Lance McCullers. They both have fairly similar stuff. I do not think Bukauskas is the most talented pitcher ever but I honestly believe he can make it to the majors pretty quick.

I’ve already wrote about Hunter Greene so I’m not going to go into depth about him. But I want to say I think he went to the perfect team, the Cincinnati Reds with the number 2 pick. He still gets to hit even though he’s probably focusing on pitching now.


#18 draft topics

I planned on writing about this topic for a few days now but I know if I said something there’d be a fight or something that I had to cover. What I want to write about today is what I think will happen at the MLB draft on Monday night, and a couple players who I think you should keep an eye out for. There is a couple players, that should go very early in the first round, that simply jump off the page when you read up on them. I think this is an extremely deep draft and even the teams without a top 10 pick can get a very talented player later in the first round or even the second round.

My first player to watch is RHP/SS Hunter Greene, he comes from Norte Dame just a high school in California not the college. At 17 years old he has hit 102 mph on the gun, yup you read that right. But that’s not his only claim to fame he can also be a first round pick at shortstop. Not too surprising in little league for the star pitcher to also be the best hitter and play shortstop, but usually they’re not as good at both as the case with Greene. He has a good quick swing and he can really pick it at short, but his arm is something special from a high schooler so I think his future is on the mound. From the little I’ve seen on Greene he has a clean and effortless delivery, and also has a good head on his shoulders. The Minnesota Twins have the first pick and I don’t see them taking Greene, even though he’s the best talent available, because their window for winning is coming up. With Sano, Buxton, Kepler, and Berrios already in the majors I think the Twins will take a college pitcher number 1 so he’ll get to the majors quickly.

Now this second kid is a little more likely to go number 1, it’s the LHP/1B from Louisville Brendon McKay. Yes, another two way player. Unlike Greene though I think McKay is better off as a hitter than on the mound. This kid has such a pretty left handed swing, I wouldn’t say it’s as pretty as Ken Griffey Jr’s swing but he’s on the level with Joe Maur and Michael Conforto. I think he has one of the better bats in the draft and can throw 90-94 mph off the mound. First base is an easy enough position to continue being a two way player even in professional baseball. How cool would it be if the Twins took McKay number 1 and played him at 1B/DH then once every five days let him start on the mound? You don’t see that very often. By no means is he a look at number 1 I just think he has a higher probability than Greene.

And number 3 player to watch is Vanderbilt’s Kyle Wright. Standing at 6’4″ 220 pounds the right hander has the frame to be a workhorse in the majors. Vanderbilt has had so many pitchers taken in the first round in recent years that I can’t even count them all, they know pitching. 94 mph heater coupled with his frame I think it’s a recipe for a future frontline starter. Unlike most college pitchers he can still get better, his delivery is not bad but it could be smoothed out a little, which could make his stuff better. He also has that Max Scherzer demeanor on the mound, very pumped up and gets very intense.

These 3 are also top 3 draft prospects on but they’re the 3 I like as well.


#19 MLB draft

As promised this post will be my review of the MLB draft. I’m exited about this because talking about prospects is right up my alley. So I’ll just talk about some of the kids that caught my eye during the draft.

You can’t write about the draft and not mention the first overall pick. The Philadelphia Phillies took a high school outfielder from California, Mickey Moniak. Moniak, 18, is a really good looking kid, right now he can spray line drives all over the field and at 6’2″ 190 he has some room to grow so those line drives could eventually turn into homers. He wasn’t taken number 1 overall just because he has a nice swing he also possesses above average speed which could keep him in center field for the long term. If I had to throw a player comp out there right now it’d probably be Christian Yelich. I personally don’t believe Mickey Moniak was the best player out there but put yourself in the Phillies shoes, you have the first pick in the country you have to at least get an all star out of it, Moniak was the safe pick in my opinion.

Now my favorite prospect throughout the draft was easily Mercer outfielder Kyle Lewis. The Seattle Mariners got an absolute steal by getting the 20 year old Lewis at number 11. At 6’4″ 195 Lewis has easy power to all fields, not just a power hitter he has an above average hit tool as well. Now I wouldn’t call him slow at all but the scouts have him listed as an average runner (that’s what they said about Carlos Correa too) he looks like an above average runner to me. Some scouts say he can stay in center but if he can’t switch him to a corner where his bat plays better. Now for his player comp I have to take you back a couple years, Kyle Lewis reminds me of a young Andruw Jones.

Onto the interesting case of Delvin Perez. The Puerto Rican shortstop stands 6’3″ and was considered a top 10 prospect pre draft and could even go number 1. Days before the draft he failed a drug test. What kind of 17 year old tests positive for steroids? Well it really hurt him, he went from a potential number 1 overall to falling all the way down to number 23. The St. Louis Cardinals felt like at 23 Perez was a risk worth taking. Don’t really have a comp for him because I didn’t pay too much attention to him. His bat isn’t much to brag about but he has the arm, glove, and speed to stay at shortstop but he’s a wildcard.


#16 the draft

I will be writing about the draft this time. So the MLB draft was last night and I just want to recap it and mention a couple players that I liked. But first got to talk about Carlos Correa, so he made his debut last night at 20 years old he didn’t set the world on fire or anything but he was impressive. He went 1-4 with a rbi which isn’t great against an average pitcher but he did it against Chris Sale. Plus he made a sparkling defensive play showing off his great arm strength which made me forget he’s only 20. I know I mention Correa a lot but he’s probably the prospect I’ve liked most since Bryce Harper if you know me you know what that means.

You can’t talk about the draft and not talk about the first overall pick, Dansby Swanson. The shortstop from Vanderbilt went 1-1 and for good reason. He has a good hit tool he’s going to hit for a good average in the majors with maybe 10-15 homers nothing too special power wise. Unlike many of the shortstops in the draft he will actually stick at short, the most athletic player usual plays short because that’s where the coaches put them they don’t know they can be better at another position Justin Upton was the first overall pick as a shortstop now he’s a corner outfielder. Dansby has good range at short with plus tools in both his arm and his glove. With his good on base skills and his above average speed I project him as a good 2 hole hitter for the Dbacks.

The other draftees I want to talk about both went to Astros one was a first rounder, Kyle Tucker and the other was a second rounder, Daz Cameron. They’re both high school outfielders with baseball blood lines. Kyle Tucker is the younger brother of Preston Tucker who is a rookie outfielder for the Astros coincidentally. And Daz Cameron is the son of former major league outfielder Mike Cameron. First I’ll talk about Kyle Tucker, he was taken 5th overall and the first outfielder off the board. I don’t think it was an actual comparison but they mentioned he holds his hands a lot like Ted Willams did and that’s just unfair to compare a high school kid to the best pure hitter ever. I think his actual comparison is Wil Myers he goes no batting gloves like Myers. He’s just an above average hitter he will hit for a good average with good power and average defense with an average arm. Good hitter in his future. Second I want to talk about Daz Cameron who looks a lot like his father. Good size and a good athlete with at least average tools across the board. Good bat speed he doesn’t hit too many homers in high school but profiles to have at least average big league power. He isn’t a burner or anything but he can stay in center and might win some gold gloves like his daddy. Cameron was actually rated higher than Tucker was. I heard his asking price for a signing bonus was simply too high it wasn’t his tools or anything he just wanted too much money so a lot of teams passed on him. Sounds like it was his own fault he fell to the second round.


#15 Carlos Correa/ the draft

Happy Carlos Correa day everybody! Yes the #2 overall prospect is finally being called up after tearing up the minors. I’ll talk a little bit about him and also I’ll talk about the draft which is also today.

So first Carlos Correa, the #1 overall pick in 2012 at 17 years old this kids talent if off the charts. He’s a 5 tool player the comparisons to Troy Tulowitzki are uncanny. Like Tulo he’s a bigger shortstop and should put up MVP numbers yearly if he stays healthy which has been his only downfall in the minors. He has hit at every level so far all while being the youngest player. He hit .335 with 10 HRs and 44 rbis (which lead the minors) and 18 steals at AA and AAA this year. And that’s just a little over a couple months of games. They, meaning the experts, say he just has decent speed but he’s stolen plenty of bases at every level so I don’t think it’s just a “decent” tool. Oh yeah he’s only 20 years old and made the majors already. So tonight he’s facing Chris Sale who is absolutely nasty, but Correa might be young but he’s good. So I’m projecting him to go 2-4 with a double tonight all I can say is this kid will be good watch out pitchers.

Second I want to talk a little about the draft. Not the top of the draft which is as stacked as usual but I’m actually interested in the mid to late first round. When you draft these young kids you’re just drafting based on their tools you can’t guarantee the young shortstop is going to learn how to hit a good curveball, and you can’t guarantee the pitcher who throws 95 is going to develop his off speed pitches. The top guys they’re are usually more sure of but the middle guys interest me. They’re just as toolsy it’s just they’re aren’t so sure they’ll make the majors there is tons of good players to be drafted middle to late first round. The most notable is Mike Trout he was the 25th overall pick and obviously turned out great. There’s always a Mike Trout lurking in the draft who has good potential but also big question marks to answer. Watch out for Carson Fulmer from Vanderbilt he’s the top pitcher in the draft but he has this funky delivery. He’ll probably go pretty early but I like him I think he’ll be pretty good.