#27 another couple of trades

To be honest with you I did not see this coming at all, we still have a week until the trade deadline. Not even that close to the deadline and there has already been a couple big names shipped to new teams. So today I’m going to write about the two trades that happened Tuesday evening/night, the JD Martinez trade and the Todd Frazier (and others) trade.

I have less to say about the JD Martinez trade so I’ll start there. JD went from the Tigers to the Diamondbacks for 3 prospects, none of which are “big names”. In all honesty it was a pretty weak return for a pretty good outfielder. When the Tigers traded Yoenis Cespedes to the Mets a couple years ago they got Micheal Fulmer in return, who was a big arm who hadn’t quite figured everything out yet but now he developed into their number 1 pitcher. And if you look at the numbers Martinez and Cespedes are fairly similar, it looks like the Diamondbacks got the better end of this deal but we’ll have to wait a couple years to see if the prospects the Tigers got in return turn into anything. Today they were talking about this trade on MLB network and they were saying nobody in the industry predicted the Diamondbacks to be this good… and guess what? I predicted it check my predictions post from before the season. Will a team just hire me already.

Now about the Todd Frazier deal. So it was basically Frazier and David Robertson (and another reliever but I don’t know how to spell his name) going from the White Sox to the Yankees for Blake Rutherford (first round pick last year and number 30 overall prospect in baseball) and Ian Clarkin (former first round pick) and two others. So not only did New York upgrade at third base they actually got to steal Frazier from Boston, it was reported earlier on Tuesday that the Red Sox were close to a deal with Chicago for Todd Frazier then the Yankees just sweep in and stole him from their rivals. Rutherford looks to be a good, athletic outfielder but they have enough outfielders and don’t need to wait for him because he’s probably around 2 years away from being major league ready. Clarkin has potential but has often been injured and he’s not too close to the majors either (closer than Rutherford probably) and those are the big names in this trade. The Yankees saw a chance to upgrade a weak position and not let Boston upgrade their weak position so they took it, I call that a win-win situation.