#40 All-star break

It’s funny that yesterday I was talking about the Cubs potentially trading Kyle Schwarber because he could bring back a lot and the Cubs already have a good catcher that will be there for a few years. I mentioned the Tigers, David Price as a good fit. Then I wake up this morning, turned on the tv and heard the “experts” talking about how the Tigers made David Price available for trade. So my question is, why am I not considered an expert yet?

Anyways what I want to write about today was that there was a couple of things that impressed me over the all star break. There’s two things and neither have to do with the actual all star game. I find the actual game kind of boring, it’s never been really interesting to me. The first thing that impressed me was Michael Conforto’s futures game, the other is Manny Machado’s home run derby.

Let’s start with Conforto. So Michael Conforto is a left handed hitting, 22 year old corner outfielder in the Mets organization. This kid has some good raw power from the left side which is what got him selected 10th overall in the 2014 draft last year. But it wasn’t his bat that impressed me it was what he did on the other side of the ball that made me say “wow”. He was out in left field and somebody was trying to run on his arm, now left field is primarily an offensive position if you can throw it’s a plus but it isn’t required, and he threw an absolute laser beam to home to get the runner trying to score. They reviewed it and his throw was almost 92 mph coming from left field. And that’s pretty impressive coming from a guy that I didn’t even know had a good arm.

The other thing that impressed me over the break was Manny Machado in the home run derby. He impressed me because he’s more of a line drive hitter but he was up there blasting 460+ foot bombs. He got knocked out in the first round but it was impressive how far he could hit it with that sweet, simple stroke of his. Todd Frazier ended up winning the derby, the hometown favorite good for him but I honestly don’t like it. He was hitting wall scrapers that barely got over when the other guys were hitting 470+ foot shots. Happens all the time and good for Todd Frazier but I have never liked that part of the derby.