#17 prospect time

About an hour before I’m about to write I jump on Twitter to find that two big prospects are getting the call to the majors. I was all set to write about a subject (I might save it for my next post) then I find out both Jameson Taillon (Pirates) and Albert Almora (Cubs) are getting the call. So, of course, I have to talk about them.

Six years after being the second overall pick in the 2010 draft, Jameson Taillon is finally set to make his MLB debut. If you’re thinking the 2010 draft sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that. The number one pick in 2010 was Bryce Harper and then the number three pick was Manny Machado. Both are clearly superstars and sandwiched between them was the 6’6″ 240 lb right hander, Jameson Taillon. That in itself should speak to his talent and potential, the 24 year old was slowed by injuries or he would’ve been here a lot sooner. 3 years ago he was already in AAA but then he had Tommy John surgery and that’s a year off at least so there goes him making it in ’13-’14. During his comeback last year he has to have hernia surgery so there goes 2015 as well. He’s finally healthy again and ready to contribute to the major league team. He sits in the mid 90’s and has a sharp breaking ball, can strikeout a bunch, doesn’t walk many, looks like an ace at the front of the rotation for years to come. My prediction for his first start tomorrow against the Mets is 5 innings gives up 2 runs walks 1 and strikes out 5.

Because Jorge Soler was running the bases yesterday and he pulled up grabbing his hamstring, the Cubs assume he’s injured so they are calling up Albert Almora. Unless Soler ate a banana this morning and all of a sudden his hamstring was just cramping up yesterday Almora will probably get the call. Unfortunately Almora is more of a center fielder not really a corner outfielder like Soler that’s why I’m not excited as I would be if he was coming up to replace Fowler. But hey Joe Maddon is nuts so he might plan on moving Fowler over to let Almora play center. Almora has gold glove potential in center so I personally think he should play center. I think now is the time to trade Dexter Fowler, they re-signed him because Almora just started hitting to his potential in AA last year. They wanted Almora to have a few months in AAA to make sure he can really hit before calling him up, they didn’t plan on signing Fowler but no one signed him so the Cubs signed him to a one year deal to bridge the gap to Almora. Almora is here Fowler is hot so trade him while you can.