#40 AL MVP

I personally believe politics should stay out of sports so I’m not going to write about the presidents comments or what happened in the NFL over the weekend, even though I could rant on about it. So today I’m going to write about the MVP race in the AL, mainly about the case of Aaron Judge. I think Judge has had a very interesting season and I don’t think he will win but his season gets him into the conversation which I have no problem with. Two of the front runners for the MVP are 5’6″ (Jose Altuve) and 6’7″ (Aaron Judge) with a 5’9″ guy (Jose Ramirez) in between them. God, that really makes me love baseball if you can play you can play no matter your size.

So Aaron Judge has 50 homers no getting around that, I think the short porch in right field of Yankee stadium has helped a lot since people always mention Coors field when talking about Rockies hitters don’t forget that down the right field line is shorter than some high school ball parks and he hits a lot of homers to the opposite field. Big man has 50 homers no one is really shocked, so let’s mention his other stats a .280 average 100 rbis 150 hits nothing special right? Some stats that help his MVP case are his runs scored, 120, and his walks, 124, but his strikeouts, 203 and counting, don’t do him any favors. Because of the average and strikeouts I think Judge loses out to Jose Altuve, who right now is hitting 70 points higher than Judge. Jose Ramirez is also hitting a lot higher than Judge, he has 29 homers and is definitely having a breakout season. The player I think should really be in the MVP conversation is Indians superstar Fransisco Lindor, a gold glove shortstop with 33 homers should be getting some attention.