#45 last post of the season

Sorry for the random Monday post but it’s my last post of the year since I will be going out of town tomorrow. I skipped Tuesday and Thursday because I wanted to see how the World Series would turn out, and I definitely am not disappointed. The Astros and Dodgers are literally slugging it out for that ring, the baseballs are “juiced” it’s pretty obvious. Even though MLB denies it the pitchers have complained the balls are slicker or the stitches are lower than usual, something is different because some of these homers should be simple fly balls. And FYI these post will be longer, not shorter, than normal I didn’t just stop paying attention I took some notes throughout the week.

The awards. I want to mention who will win each of the big 3 awards, I’m not usually the best at these but I’m not predicting I already know what kind of years these players had. Let’s start with the AL, I think the MVP award goes to Jose Altuve. Doesn’t matter what he’s doing in the playoffs, these votes have already been cast and are literally sitting in a sealed envelope just waiting until the World Series is over. It will not be unanimous at all Aaron Judge had one heck of year. That leads me to the rookie of the year award and Aaron Judge gets that easy, it’s unfortunate because Andrew Benintendi’s 20/20 year with 90 rbis would usually be enough to win him the award. As for the Cy Young award I think Corey Kluber steals it from Chris Sale, while Sale was inconsistent down the stretch Kluber finished the year winning back to back pitcher of the month awards. Now onto the NL, first up MVP. I think Charlie Blackman ultimately wins the award but I also think Nolan Arenado and Giancarlo Stanton will both get first place votes. As for the Cy Young I vthink it comes down to two previous winners, Clayton Kershaw and Max Scherzer. Like I said before the playoffs do not matter any. With that being said I honestly see this as a dead heat, it could easily go either way but if I had to choose I’d go with Kershaw just barely because he has more wins. And the rookie of the year is another slam dunk, Cody Bellinger with his 39 homers.

There are plenty of new managers but nobody I really feel the need to get into. And almost all these new managers are first time guys as well, so bad time to be a seasoned manager with no job.

Ok finally one thing I think will happen this offseason, Giancarlo Stanton will be traded to the Boston Red Sox. If you watched the Red Sox this year, especially in the playoffs, you’ll know that they are seriously lacking in the power department. Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi are great players but they’re both 20-25 homers maybe 30 on a good year. And those two are the main power sources for the Red Sox, Rafael Devers looks like he could be a legitimate power bat but he’s still so young. It’s already a perfect fit and then the new owners of the Marlins (Derek Jeter and co.) said they want to cut payroll, well who’s better to trade and trim payroll than the guy who has a 325 million dollar contract? The Red Sox could definitely afford that contract and have some good prospects like Jason Groome and Michael Chavis and some great young players already at the major league level in Andrew Benintendi and Rafael Devers, I think Boston has enough to get the deal done. I think Michael Chavis will be a big time prospect very soon, the 22 year old third baseman hit 30 homers and 30 doubles while hitting for an average of .280. I think that’s enough to jump up the top 100 prospects list, I believe he is number 92 right now.


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