#42 The wildcard games

Couldn’t really think of anything to write about on Tuesday so I figured I’d just wait until today when I can talk about who won the wildcard games. It goes without saying that I will be writing about the wildcard teams and each of their futures. I can already tell today will be somewhat short don’t have much to say that I haven’t already said.

First the AL wildcard game because it was played on Tuesday night. It had the Minnesota Twins facing off against the Yankees in New York. No surprise the team with the better record, the Yankees, won. I assumed the Yanks would pull it out because they were the better team, but crazy things happen in October so I wasn’t confident enough to put money on it. The thing that surprised me was the starter for the Yankees, Luis Severino, gave up 3 runs and only got 1 out in the first. The Yankees sure stretched out their bullpen but it seemed to be the right move. They will face the Cleveland Indians next, there is a reason why Cleveland is the number 1 seed in the AL. The Yankees clearly have a tough road ahead.

And just last night in the NL wildcard game the Diamondbacks were able to hold off the Colorado Rockies. Really not a surprise because once again the team with the better record ended up winning. I really like the Diamondbacks and most people are writing them off because they have the Dodgers next, I think that’s way off because the Diamondbacks have won 6 in a row against LA. I believe that’s two straight sweeps too so don’t count Arizona out, I like this matchup and I think they have a good shot beating the Dodgers.


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