#41 the NL playoffs

I don’t have anything specific to write about today so I’m just going to mention what I think will happen in the NL now that the regular season is winding down. I still find the award races very interesting but today I feel like talking about the teams in general not one specific player. Today’s post will more than likely short, you’ve been warned let’s get into it.

Let’s start with the only series set in stone so far, the Cubs vs the Nats. As a Nats fan I promise to try and keep my Cub bashing to a minimum. Bryce Harper came back from the knee injury that kept him out a month, but of course he gets sick and isn’t playing as much as he could if he was completely healthy. The Cubs didn’t really put up a fight against the Nats this year, but not really going to get into that right now I just can’t wait to see Trea Turner vs Jake Arrieta. For those that don’t remember Turner had 6 stolen bases against (most of them) Arrieta and Miguel Montero didn’t like getting blamed for the pitchers (Arrieta) taking forever to get the ball to home plate, those comments got him fired of course. As for the other division series, it will be the Dodgers against the wildcard winner. It’ll probably be the Diamondbacks who just look like a complete team right now, and it really bothers me when I see the “experts” say “who could’ve seen this coming?” Me. I saw it coming. I picked the Diamondbacks to be a wildcard team, even before JD Martinez this was an incredibly talented team. Even though the Dodgers are the only 100 win team in baseball I think they’ll have a tough matchup with the Diamondbacks, who I think will easily win the wildcard game.


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