#39 another stolen cy young?

I’ve recently been battling a bug so I was a little too sick to write. But I’m back now so today I’m going to write about how Corey Kluber might steal the AL cy young from the front runner Chris Sale. I don’t think it’ll happen but just want to throw some numbers out there and how I think it’s possible. In 2014 when Corey Kluber won his cy young it seemed Felix Hernandez had it won but Kluber somehow stole it away. And they say history repeats itself.

Let’s start with the stats, Chris Sale is 17-7 and has pitched 209 innings has a 2.75 era 300 strikeouts and a 0.95 tWHP and Corey Kluber is 17-4 has thrown 191 innings with a 2.35 era 252 strikeouts and a 0.85 WHIP. That’s just the stats and I would say both are having statistical great years. I don’t think anyone can really argue that. I personally would give the cy young to Sale because I like strikeouts, but Kluber having a much lower era can not be forgotten. Not too mention Kluber is on the best team in the AL.


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