#35 almost perfect

There isn’t anything more important for me to talk about today than Rich Hill’s incredible night on the mound last night. Just to be clear I didn’t watch it live, basing my opinion off the highlights, despite texts from my cousin telling me turn on the game. Just like Tuesday I pretty sure this will be a short post, not exactly a lot to say on this subject so you’ve been warned let’s get into it.

Let’s go back a little. Would you believe that just 2 short years ago Rich Hill was pitching in independent ball? It’s true, he’s 37 years old now and always had a devastating curveball but was mainly just a reliever throughout his career. While he was in independent ball he proved he can be a starter and that fast tracked his road back to the majors. Fast forward back to 2017 and Hill is legitimately a strong starter, constantly injured though so when he’s healthy that is. And last night against the Pirates he was dealing, he lost his perfect game in the ninth inning but he did throw a 9 inning no hitter. The Dodgers couldn’t score a single run for him or we would be talking about a no hitter today. But since they couldn’t score it was still 0-0 going into extra innings, Hill came back out for the tenth inning with the no hitter still in tact and he gives up a leadoff homer. Walk off Pirates. Tough luck. I just hope people are reporting about how Hill was literally in independent ball 2 years ago, that’s just awesome shows that you should never give up you never know where you’ll be in 2 years.


One thought on “#35 almost perfect

  1. Tedd Mallasch says:

    I picked him up in the APBA WAUGH BBW LEAGUE after his 4 strong outings with the Red Sox based on a dream! I dreamt I was watching him in Spring Training or maybe the AFL. All of the hitters kept talking about his yakker! I drafted Rich “Over the” Hill. This year he is 13-1 for my postseason bound White Sox!


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