#29 trade deadline

It’s pretty obvious by the title but I’m going to write about the trade deadline and the trades that went down. Well actually two moves that were somewhat blockbusters. Other than those two deals the trade deadline is fun but it’s no big deal, it’s mainly teams just trading relievers. If the two big deals didn’t happen today I would be talking about Jonathan Lucroy going to the Rockies for a player to be named later, up until the last hour that looked like what was going to happen.

What happened first was the Sonny Gray trade, who went from the A’s to the Yankees. And in my opinion that trade makes New York a legitimate contender, before it was “the Yankees can hit but the pitching is eh” a good bullpen and Luis Sevorino’s break out year would not be enough. To get Sonny Gray they had to give up some good prospects but 2 out 3 prospects are out for the year. The A’s didn’t get the coveted A+ prospect but they did get 3 B prospects with high ceilings. In my opinion the best of the bunch is SS/OF Jorge Mateo, he has game changing speed think Billy Hamilton. In a lot of ways he and Hamilton have similar games, he is probably a little better hitter but still very similar. Mateo will probably be in the majors before too long, I believe he was already at AAA before the trade, and the other two are injured for the rest of the year but still have high upside. For both sides it was a pretty good trade.

Within minutes of the 4 pm et deadline Yu Darvish, probably the best pitcher on the trade block, got traded from the Rangers to the Dodgers. The Dodgers had to give up Willie Cahloun, a left handed second baseman/outfielder who has 20ish homers in the minors this year, and it was worth it. Let’s look ahead, they’re facing the Nats in the playoffs ok first game matchup Kershaw vs Scherzer great matchup right? Second game Strasburg vs … Rich Hill? Eh I’ll definitely take Strasburg. Third game Gio Gonzalez vs … Brandon McCarthy? I think Gio is better. The Dodgers needed Yu Darvish to slot in behind Kershaw otherwise that rotation would not be impressive in a playoff series. They gave up Willie Cahloun who kind of reminds of Justin Bour, chubby guy with a nice left handed swing that creates plenty of power, quite a bit more athletic than Bour but a similar swing.


One thought on “#29 trade deadline

  1. From Fall Ball I really liked Jorge Mateo & Willie Calhoun!!! Mateo is all around the real deal & he’ll team up with Franklin Barreto in Oakland, plus James Kaprellian has electric stuff, once he rebounds from TJ surgery. Calhoun has a bat, due to suspect defense at the keystone spot, he’ll switch to OF or maybe 1B in Texas. Thought the A’s made out okay, although Sonny Gray is a good one, it’s the Billy Beane way! Not sure about the Rangers dealing Yu Darvish, he will be the #2 LA has been looking for behind Clayton Kershaw. I LOVE reading your baseball analysis!!!


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