#28 prospect time

So I didn’t write anything on Tuesday because there is nothing really going on of any importance. Today I can’t really think of anything to write about so I’m just going to mention a couple big time prospects that got the call recently. Around this time is usually when teams like to call up some of their top prospects.

First off we have to start with MLB’s number 1 prospect, Yoan Moncada. Moncada was the main piece in the Chris Sale trade between the White Sox and Red Sox this winter. He is an absolutely electric player, just turned 22 so fairly young, this is one of those trades where you can say that really worked out for both sides. Moncada is considered Robison Cano with speed, and I can see why people say that. From the left side (he’s a switch hitter) his swing looks very similar to Cano’s, Moncada might have the same kind of power as Cano but I don’t think he has the pure hitting ability, he has a little more swing and miss to his game. The speed is the separating factor he had back to back 45 stolen base season in the minors.

The second kid I want to write about is the Red Sox, Rafael Devers. I feel this 20 year old kid is only up because the Red Sox third base options suck and the Yankees got Todd Frazier. Yes, he has been a top prospect for years and he has pretty good numbers in the minors this year. He has a good swing and it will play at the highest level but it just feels like his call up was just a last ditch effort to add some power to the lineup. I think Devers will be great don’t get me wrong I just don’t like the timing of this call up, hours later the Red Sox traded for Eduardo Nunez.


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