#26 Quintana trade

I have been very critical of the Cubs choices this year, and you can add this trade for Jose Quintana to the list. I’m not really sure what they were thinking to be honest. I get that they wanted a controllable starter, which Quintana has 3 years of club control left, but they were better options out there especially for the package the Cubs gave up. Just to sum it up the Cubs gave up their two best prospects for a 28 year old left hander with a career record under .500, a 4.33 era at the time of the trade, and he walked 40 guys in 100 innings. Before I hear the “he pitched good in his debut though” just know it was the Orioles and he was obviously excited, I believe he hit 98 mph on the gun he won’t do that again.

I think the Cubs gave up way too much in this trade and that’s what I’m going to dig into. First of all there were two prospects dealt from the Cubs to the White Sox who’ll be lucky to make it to the majors so those guys aren’t worth me writing about. No offense. The lesser of the two big time prospects was 21 year old Dylan Cease, I have less to say about him so let’s start there. While I wouldn’t put the “future ace” label on Cease he has a good arm and is number 63 in the top 100. That’s really good. Kind of ironic he was a Cub because if I had to throw a comp out there it’d be Carl Edwards Jr. Cease has a good fastball and a plus curveball with shaky command, like Edwards they might try him as a starter but if it doesn’t work move him to the bullpen and you’ll have a dominant reliever. Now the big boy the Cubs traded away, 20 year old Eloy Jimenez. I couldn’t believe the Cubs traded this kid for Quintana. I saw him with my own two eyes down in the Arizona fall league and he impressed me. The size and the bat speed are very similar to the former Cub Jorge Soler, but he swing didn’t look quite as long as Soler’s so he has a lesser chance of striking out. He might be over a year away from the majors but he was already a top 10 prospect at just 20 years old. Jimenez looks to have a special bat and they traded him, I’m sure the Sox are extremely happy they got him from the cross town rivals. Just to put his bat speed into perception, only 3 people have had an exit velocity over 119 mph in the stat cast era Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, and Eloy Jimenez.


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