#24 Montero’s comments

Yes I know it seems like I’m writing about the Cubs at least once a week, right now the Cubs are simply giving me the most to talk about. Miguel Montero got DFAed (designated for assignment) by the Cubs yesterday, he’s only the backup catcher but it’s still pretty interesting. DFAed basically means the Cubs didn’t want him on the team anymore, he will most likely be traded soon he’s not technically a free agent he doesn’t have much say where he goes. Technically he’s still a property of the Cubs so if he passes through waivers he can be sent to the minors, like I said he’ll probably get claimed off waivers and traded to that team.

It’s not really that interesting when a backup catcher gets cut. But it was Miguel Montero’s comments after Tuesday’s game that sparked some controversy and ultimately led to him getting DFAed. After the game, which he allowed 7 stolen bases, he said to reporters “why do I get blamed for the stolen bases? Look at the tape most of the time the pitcher (Jake Arrieta) doesn’t give me time to throw anyone out” or something like that. He’s 100 percent right no question Arrieta takes awhile to get the ball to the plate but he threw another player under the bus and that’s a no no. He could’ve kept it vague but he specifically said the pitcher, everyone knows he meant Arrieta, wasn’t giving him any time to throw them out. Miguel Montero has not thrown out a base runner all year, he’s 0-31 on the year, Arrieta has allowed 15 steals this year you do the math. I’ve had a day to think this over and I’ve came to the conclusion, Montero is just tired of being the backup on a .500 team. He’s a veteran he knows you don’t throw a teammate under the bus, he knew what would happen he just wanted out.


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