#19 draft results

Last night was the MLB draft’s first and second round and now that it’s done and over with I have a couple notes on it. This should be a relatively short post, but no guarantees because once I get talking about prospects I could just go on forever.

I have to mention the first overall pick, Royce Lewis. Lewis being taken 1/1 surprised me as well as most of the guys covering the draft. Not knocking Royce Lewis’s talent level but it was kind of a shock the Twins took a high school shortstop at number 1. He’s at least 3 years away and I personally thought they’d take someone who can make the majors quick so he can help them win now not three years down the road. Now about Royce Lewis, he is super talented and he’s one of those players that you can’t wait until he gets major league coaching and his potential can fly through the roof. He is kind of like a less powerful Javy Baez, he looks like he has more contact ability too but once he faces better pitching who knows, but he has electric tools and an electric personality just like Javy and like Baez he doesn’t have a legitimate position. He has played center field, second base, and shortstop the last three years and each year he won Gatorade high school player of the year.

One of my favorite pics of the draft was the Astros first pick, J. B. Bukauskas. The RHP from the university of North Carolina was the 7th best ranked draft prospect but slid to 15 where the Astros snatched him up. The Tar Heel (more than likely former Tar Heel) throws in the 94-97 mph range with a plus slider/curve that sits in the mid 80’s. Why I like him is because I think he could of gone number 1 but he slid to 15, and he’s actually compared to current Astros pitcher Lance McCullers. They both have fairly similar stuff. I do not think Bukauskas is the most talented pitcher ever but I honestly believe he can make it to the majors pretty quick.

I’ve already wrote about Hunter Greene so I’m not going to go into depth about him. But I want to say I think he went to the perfect team, the Cincinnati Reds with the number 2 pick. He still gets to hit even though he’s probably focusing on pitching now.


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