#18 draft topics

I planned on writing about this topic for a few days now but I know if I said something there’d be a fight or something that I had to cover. What I want to write about today is what I think will happen at the MLB draft on Monday night, and a couple players who I think you should keep an eye out for. There is a couple players, that should go very early in the first round, that simply jump off the page when you read up on them. I think this is an extremely deep draft and even the teams without a top 10 pick can get a very talented player later in the first round or even the second round.

My first player to watch is RHP/SS Hunter Greene, he comes from Norte Dame just a high school in California not the college. At 17 years old he has hit 102 mph on the gun, yup you read that right. But that’s not his only claim to fame he can also be a first round pick at shortstop. Not too surprising in little league for the star pitcher to also be the best hitter and play shortstop, but usually they’re not as good at both as the case with Greene. He has a good quick swing and he can really pick it at short, but his arm is something special from a high schooler so I think his future is on the mound. From the little I’ve seen on Greene he has a clean and effortless delivery, and also has a good head on his shoulders. The Minnesota Twins have the first pick and I don’t see them taking Greene, even though he’s the best talent available, because their window for winning is coming up. With Sano, Buxton, Kepler, and Berrios already in the majors I think the Twins will take a college pitcher number 1 so he’ll get to the majors quickly.

Now this second kid is a little more likely to go number 1, it’s the LHP/1B from Louisville Brendon McKay. Yes, another two way player. Unlike Greene though I think McKay is better off as a hitter than on the mound. This kid has such a pretty left handed swing, I wouldn’t say it’s as pretty as Ken Griffey Jr’s swing but he’s on the level with Joe Maur and Michael Conforto. I think he has one of the better bats in the draft and can throw 90-94 mph off the mound. First base is an easy enough position to continue being a two way player even in professional baseball. How cool would it be if the Twins took McKay number 1 and played him at 1B/DH then once every five days let him start on the mound? You don’t see that very often. By no means is he a look at number 1 I just think he has a higher probability than Greene.

And number 3 player to watch is Vanderbilt’s Kyle Wright. Standing at 6’4″ 220 pounds the right hander has the frame to be a workhorse in the majors. Vanderbilt has had so many pitchers taken in the first round in recent years that I can’t even count them all, they know pitching. 94 mph heater coupled with his frame I think it’s a recipe for a future frontline starter. Unlike most college pitchers he can still get better, his delivery is not bad but it could be smoothed out a little, which could make his stuff better. He also has that Max Scherzer demeanor on the mound, very pumped up and gets very intense.

These 3 are also top 3 draft prospects on but they’re the 3 I like as well.


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