#17 congrats to all

There have been a few note worthy things that have happened in baseball recently, so today I’m going to write a post that highlights them all instead of a long post about just one subject. I’ve been pretty good at keeping them about one subject so far this year but there is plenty I could write about today so I figured I’ll just write a paragraph about each subject.

First and foremost I’ve got to congratulate Albert Pujols for joining the 600 homerun club. More people have walked on the moon than hit 600 homers in the majors, that is such an interesting fact. Even though he has to share the club with obvious juicers, Sammy Sosa and Alex Rodriguez, it is still an incredible feat. The machine is 37 years young, the future hall of famer would only need to hit 20 homers a year for the next 5 years to join the even more exclusive 700 homerun club. It’s possible.

Another career feat to congratulate, Clayton Kershaw has joined the 2,000 strikeout club. It’s not too exclusive of a club but it’s impressive because of what it means for the future, in my opinion at least. Kershaw is still only 29 years old, he isn’t even over the hump yet he has a lot of pitches left in that left arm of his. Pitchers are more of an injury risk than position players, they can just hurt something very small and it can derail the rest of their career, just look at Mark Prior’s career. So if Kershaw can stay healthy there is a good chance he can reach 3,000 strikeouts. Knock on wood.

And of course I have to mention the no-hitter that happened over the weekend. Edinson Volquez fired the first no-no of 2017 against a good hitting Diamondbacks team, and only needed 98 pitches to do it. Throughout Volquez’s entire career he’s either been hot or cold, you know he’s either an above average pitcher or someone that makes you wonder why he’s still in the rotation no real in between. He’s 2-7 this year but yet he has the only no-hitter this year, that makes my point. It’s still impressive to throw a no-hitter no matter who you are so congratulations Edinson.


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