#16 Harper vs Strickland

Before I get into this post, let’s be honest it’ll probably be a rant, I feel like I should apologize for skipping Tuesday. I had some family in town and my brother had a baseball game so I took a vacation day. And besides this will be a short post, I HATE RELIEVERS COMING IN JUST TO THROW AT GUYS, there done. Just kidding I’ll get into the specifics of this situation.

First, a little backstory back in the 2014 NLDS Bryce Harper hit two mammoth blasts off of Hunter Strickland. That’s it seriously. That’s the reason he hit him 3 years later. I’m sorry that is seriously sad, Strickland gave up 5 homers that postseason when the giants won the World Series. So in other words he sucked, got beat twice by Harper, both of the homers Strickland stared down Harper as he rounded the bases, the second homer gave the Nats the lead and when Harp got back to the dugout he was giving high fives to everyone and being real animated nothing new you know. And apparently that set off Strickland and he can stay mad for three years. Yes, I’m a Nats fan you can call me biased I don’t care personally I like that it went down. I think Strickland is just a sad guy with a hurt ego, but nobody charges the mound anymore you don’t see Nolan Ryan getting Robin Ventura in a headlock while knocking his teeth out in today’s game. If you want to point fingers though point them at Buster Posey, the Giants catcher didn’t move an inch after he hit him, Harper started walking down the first base line jawing at Strickland like most players do after they get hit but he realized Posey wasn’t holding him back so he ran out there and threw a couple punches. You can tell by Posey’s, and the entire Giants bench, reaction that it was 2-0 game in the 8th inning Strickland was just being a selfish little man with a bruised ego. I know Posey is getting a lot of attention for this but honestly he didn’t agree so he didn’t want to clean up his mess “you want to hit him with 98? You deserve to get punched a couple times.” I would not be surprised at all if Strickland is traded soon. The helmet throw was great there were ex players on twitter like “you throw helmets by the ear flap not the brim, Bryce you should know better.”


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