#12 Strasbeard

I could easily rant on about Matt Harvey and his 3 day suspension but I decided not to. For 1 I don’t really like Matt Harvey and 2 the reasoning behind it is so ridiculous and sad that I’m not interested in dedicating a whole post to that drama. I’ve been waiting to write about Stephen Strasburg for awhile and since he pitched last night I thought today was a good day. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I like showing off, showing my knowledge of all baseball instead of just the Nats and people thinking I’m just a fan boy. Just to be clear, Strasburg grew a beard over the offseason and Strasbeard is his new nickname at least until he shaves.

First I have to point out that this year Strasburg is throwing only out of the stretch. Like a hitter having a big leg kick before he swings a pitcher’s wind up is basically a timing mechanism. Taking the wind up out of his arsenal just helps him focus on his mechanics and repeating his delivery regardless if a runner is on base or not. Now you might think no wind up might make him throw a little slower, but it’s actually the complete opposite his fastball is averaging around 96 mph and topping out at 98. So he still has the nasty stuff and he’s pitching like the normal Strasburg at 3-1 with a 3.2 era 45 strikeouts and 13 walks, so what’s changed? Well the only thing I’ve really noticed is he’s working later into games. Going 6-7 innings every time out so far, because of the new no wind up thing he is doing a good job of limiting big innings so far this year. He’s not perfect he’ll still give up a few runs every now and then, but what I mean is when people are getting hits he isn’t going out there trying to strike out everybody, trying to be too fine, and eventually the wheels fall off. He’s just continuing to pitch his game. The book on Strasburg the last couple years has been swing early because you definitely don’t want to get to 2 strikes with this guy. This year his attitude is like “this is how I pitch and I’m not changing my game plan” I like this mindset. So far so good.


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