#11 a surprise AL team

Well the New York Yankees are off to a 21-9 start and surprising some people, not me obviously but some people. Ok that’s a lie, I saw them as an above .500 team but I didn’t see them having the best record in the AL at any point during the season. I’ve wrote a full post about Aaron Judge just last week so I’m not going to focus this post on him, or any other player for that matter, but more on the Yankees as a whole.

I’m not saying that I’m completely shocked that the Yankees are doing great, because they have a decent team. I knew they were going to be able to out slug some teams but it does come as a surprise when you say the Yankees have the best record in the AL. If you look at some of their hitters they have a nice looking lineup. Brett Gardener is doing his thing, so is Jacoby Ellsbury even though he’s kind of injured right now. In my opinion it’s not the veterans that are part of the Yankees offensive success lately, it’s the question marks. What I mean by that is the guys that no one really knew what to expect to start the season. Like Chase Headly and Starlin Castro? Nobody saw those two getting off to the hottest starts of their career. The old guy they brought in, Matt Holiday? Surprise he’s off to a great start as well. Fresh off the DL Didi Gregorious and Gary Sanchez? Hopefully they can repeat the years they had last year. See what I mean the offense is clicking right now because of the question marks. The reason why this start is kind of a surprise is because of the pitching staff. Masahiro Tanaka is the ace without question, but after him there is no one. Pineda? Way too inconsistent. The rotation doesn’t really have anybody but the bullpen is top notch. Clippard? Betances? Chapman? Yeah that’s a pretty good ‘pen. With the very good farm system I thought the Yankees were 1-2 years away from being serious competitors. But with this start I think it’s possible they make a couple trades to ship off these hot veterans to make some room for these young kids to show what they can do. With this start the Yankees might of pushed up their window and might be ready to compete this season.


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