#10 judgement day

Today I’ll be writing about the Yankees young stud and physical monster, Aaron Judge. I’ve been thinking about writing about him for awhile now and he just won the AL rookie of the month award so I thought today was a good day. Now before I get into what I think about the Judge I just have to mention as I’m writing this he has 13 homers, he may have 15 by the time I finish this.

Standing at 6’8″ and 270-280 pounds, Aaron Judge looks like an NBA forward rather than an MLB right fielder. I could just end this post right there, I’ll write a little more but his size should tell you everything you need to know. He got his feet wet in the MLB last year but this year he’s the Yankees starting right fielder. He has been around the 30th-50th ranked prospect over the last few years, even though he’s doing great at the MLB level so far this year he was never a high ranked prospect because he only really has one plus tool. And surprise that’s his power. Judge is a big boy with big boy power and from a scouting point of view that’s he’s only above average tool everything else is just average or below. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out if you’re as big as Aaron Judge is you’ll most likely be able to swing a baseball bat pretty hard. He has such a quick swing and makes really hard contact, he’s always been that kind of guy. He’s already 25 years old and that’s a little old for a rookie but it’s not because he just now figured it out, the real reason is because (for some reason) the Yankees brought him along super slowly. He has a lot of swing and miss to his game, like most power hitters, so I personally don’t see him being this monstrous all season. It helps that he plays 81 games at the little league field A.K.A. Yankee stadium.


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