#9 Thor

Today I want to write a short post, well more of a rant, about the Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard. He resembles the superhero Thor so that’s why he’s called Thor. A little back story on this rant, he started on Sunday against the Nationals but left with only one out in the second inning in obvious pain. He already gave up 5 runs he wasn’t throwing a no-hitter or anything but still. It’s not the fact that he got injured that makes me want to write about him today it’s what lead up to it.

I know I’m a Nats fan but I’m not wishing for the Mets and Syndergaard to get injured or anything. They are a fragile team, and when healthy they are also an extremely streaky team. That’s why I was surprised when some experts were picking them to win the NL east but back to Syndergaard. So Syndergaard had his original start pushed back because of a “sore arm” and then on Friday he said no to a MRI. He said no. I understand nobody really likes a MRI but when your employer ask you to do something they’re not really asking they’re telling you to. They’re paying you a lot of money to play a game for a living the least you can do for them is take a stupid MRI. Because he was their ace the Mets just let it go. You can hear the displeasure of the Mets because they thought something was wrong but Noah didn’t want a MRIi. My guess is Syndergaard already knew something wasn’t right but because he’s a competitor he wanted to pitch through it. Well it didn’t work out like that and now the Mets are ace-less for the foreseeable future because he has a partially torn lat muscle.


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