#8 Cody Bellinger

I know, I’m a couple days late but how can I not write about a top prospect getting the call? That’s my area of expertise. The Dodgers called up the 10th ranked prospect in baseball on Tuesday, Cody Bellinger. He’s a first baseman/outfielder, but due to the fact LA already has Adrian Gonzalez at first he will mostly be an outfielder for the time being. He’s really athletic so it’s not like the Dodgers are calling up some big first baseman and just deciding to throw him out in left field.

Before I mention Bellinger’s hitting ability I have to talk about his glove first. He has gold glove potential at first base, like I said athletic enough to play outfield but his primary and best defensive position is first base. Now let’s talk about what everyone cares about, what he can do at the plate. He has a crazy quick swing which translates to good power. But he’s not an all or nothing type hitter, I believe he was hitting .338 at AAA before his call up. His quick swing also has a massive uppercut, up until a couple years ago he was just hitting for average then he incorporated this huge uppercut and his power jumped way up and so did his prospect status. Now he’s widely known as one of the better hitting prospects in baseball. I saw him with my own eyes in the Arizona fall league just last year, and you notice the huge uppercut right away but when he makes contact you definitely know it. He creates loud contact but with such an uppercut it also creates plenty of strikeouts. But with his good contact ability he should be able to offset the strikeouts.


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    • That is a very good question. In the future, 1-2 years, I fully believe it’s possible. But this year I don’t know because once Joc Pederson gets healthy Bellinger’s playing time might diminish so they could send him back to AAA. There’s a chance that he could play really well with Pederson out and force the Dodgers hand to keep him in the everyday lineup. To answer your question though I don’t think this year they could be Rizzo and Bryant but next year it’s very possible.

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      • I feel Pederson is just such a force defensively that will always keep him playing everyday when healthy. Do you think that Bellinger could possibly help us against lefties? I know he is a lefty, but he is a natural hitter


      • Pederson was so good in the minors offensively he just hasn’t been able to hold onto it in the majors yet but the potential is there. Bellinger did start today against Matt Moore so it’s possible they’ll see if he can. I believe he can hit lefties he won’t be like a .400 hitter against lefties but can he hit them? Absolutely he won’t be a platoon type player. Like you said he’s a natural hitter his swing will play. I didn’t mention this in the post but Bellinger has sometime been compared to Eric Hosmer, who took a few years to settle in so don’t be too worried if Bellinger doesn’t hit the ground running.


      • If he plays well while Pederson is out he might win the left field job. Then when Agon either retires or moves on he’ll be ready to take over first. And from what I personally saw in Arizona he has a good eye even though he strikes out plenty (much like Pederson) he can help the team even if he might not tear the cover off the ball right away.

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