#7 Red Sox v. Orioles

I just know I have to write about the incident that happened over the weekend in Baltimore. Just a little back story before I jump into it, Manny Machado slides into second on Friday his foot hit the base and popped up and it cleated Dustin Pedroia pretty good. Two days later a Red Sox pitcher, a reliever I might add, threw a pitch at Machado’s head. Hitting someone for doing your teammate dirty is one thing but throwing at a players head is never ok.

Some view Machado as a dirty player, it’s warranted he’s had some questionable actions throughout the years. To me it doesn’t look he purposely spiked Pedroia, it’s obvious that some might feel differently. But I think Pedroia summed it up perfectly after the game, he said “it was legal for a long time I don’t give a f*** what the new rule is”. The new rule he’s talking about is that the base runner has to slide directly into the base no more taking out people on double plays. That was implemented last year. If you view it as a dirty slide, fine his next time up drill him in the thigh or the rear or something don’t wait two days then decide you want to drill him in the head. Matt Barnes should be suspended 15 games and then sent to the minors. Intentionally throwing at a players head is not ok, like I said it’d be ok if he just hit him in the thigh. The catcher sets up away and you throw at his head and you claim “I was just pitching him inside” oh please no one bought that crap. I think what Bryce Harper said a couple years ago about Paplebon (it’s what started their dugout fight) he said “relievers coming in and beaning guys is tired”. Funny that Pap beaned Machado for “showing up” Scherzer on homer earlier in the game. Relievers are not the baseball police stop trying to control the game from the pen.


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