#6 the Marte partay is over

I could easily talk about Bryce Harper hitting another 2 homers last night or that the Nats are removing Blake Treinen as the closer. The resurgence of Eric Thames in Milwaukee is something else I can write about today, but I said on Tuesday I’ll write about Starling Marte and I’m a man of my word. I’m not a doctor or anything so I don’t know why Marte was taking this banned substance so I just have to assume he’s a cheater that got caught. Definitely no excuse for it nowadays so this post might be a little short.

Like I said there is really no excuse for “not knowing” what you’re taking, you are supposed to report every thing to your trainer,I say Starling Marte tried to cheat and got caught. He wasn’t playing for a new contract, already getting paid very well to play baseball for a living, he wasn’t trying to get over an injury or anything. It’s pretty obvious to me that he was trying to cheat and trying to be better than he already was. If you look at Marte you see an extremely athletic player and he has been since he came from the DR. He is very fast, 40+ steals with ease, and is a .300 hitter also a gold glove defender. His downfall, if you ask me, is that he’s too aggressive and doesn’t take that many walks for someone who hits leadoff. And like I said I’m not a doctor and don’t claim to be but I have never heard of someone taking steroids so they have a better eye at the plate. In his statement he said it was a “mistake” and asked for forgiveness from the fans, but I don’t think they should just forget and forgive. Granted they have a very good prospect just waiting in the wings, in Austin Meadows, but there’s a chance he just blew the pirates chances this year. I think the pirates have a chance based on how athletic they are but in order for them to compete they need everyone to play like they can. Gerrit Cole had a down year last year same with McCutchen, they are both looking good so far this year. They already lost Jung Ho Kang because he decided to drive drunk and got arrested and now Marte is gone for 80 games, might of hurt more than just himself.


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