#5 it’s about Nat time

Minutes ago Starling Marte got suspended 80 games for testing positive for PED’s. I already committed to writing about the Nationals today so that will have to wait until Thursday. I try really hard not to talk about the Nats much because I don’t want to sound like I’m just a homer, I try to spread it out so you know that I know everything about baseball and not just about the Washington.

After Bryce Harper hit 2 homers on Sunday, including a walk off, I knew I had to write about the Nats today. I already made my case for Harper being back to his MVP form so I don’t think there’s much more to say about his hot start. Instead I’ll talk about the team in general. Through two weeks they’re at 7-5, which is nothing too glamorous but it’s good enough for 1st place in the NL east. Adding Adam Eaton looks like it helps this lineup greatly but I still don’t entirely like the trade. I don’t like giving up Giolito, Lopez I understand trading him while his value was high, but Dane Dunning was just the “other” guy in the trade but guess what? He has 21 strikeouts in only two starts in the minors. They could’ve traded Joe Ross instead of giving up Lucas Giolito but no, let’s trade the top pitching prospect in baseball after we completely miss use him by calling him up, sending him back down, calling him up, sending him back down, never really giving him a chance to prove himself in the majors. Sorry I’m ranting I’ll get back on track. My point is this lineup is incredibly deep, Trea Turner will he back very soon who will be the leadoff hitter, then you have Eaton hitting second taking walks and having his good on base percentage, then you have the MVP version of Bryce Harper batting third, then it’s Daniel Murphy who’s also off to a scorching start. That’s only 1-4 and then there’s Zim, Werth, and Wieters who are all off to hot starts as well. Who cares that there’s 3 lefties in a row at 2-4? It works no matter who’s pitching. Wait, I didn’t even talk about the good pitching? Oh well there’s always next time.


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