#4 it’s only been a week

Nothing too interesting happened in baseball the last couple days so I couldn’t really think of anything to write about today. So I decided to write about how some teams are off to a hot start and some teams that are on the opposite side of the road. But like the title says it’s only been a week no reason to worry (or get excited) after one week.

Let’s talk about the bad teams first. Toronto at 1-7, Texas at 3-5, and Seattle at 2-8 are all bound to get better. Toronto is the only team I didn’t pick to go to the playoffs but I think they’re way better than 1-7. I just think they’ll miss the big bat of Encarnacion a little too much. But I think they still have a strong rotation led by Aaron Sanchez and even without EE the lineup is still pretty darn good. So far this year the former MVP, Josh Donaldson, has been bit by the injury bug, a calf injury that’s been bugging him since spring training. It’s pretty simple, JD gets it going the Blue Jays can get it going. There is only one really hot team that has caught my eye, and that’s the Cincinnati Reds. At 7-2 they stand alone atop the NL central. They’re 1.5 games ahead of the Cubs, that should speak volumes. Billy Hamilton and Jose Peraza are getting on base at a good clip, once on base both of the speedsters are stealing bases like it’s nothing. Batting 1 and 2 gives opposing pitchers something to worry about right away, if Joey Votto wasn’t starting slow there’s a chance they could’ve been better. They’ve been in a rebuild for a couple years now so they’ve accumulated plenty of young talent, including Peraza, to build around Votto. I’m not saying the Reds are a playoff team or anything but they do have some talent and could surprise people. Remember the whole point of this post is not to put too much weight on this first week.


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