#3 St. Louis cheaters?

Before I get into this I should note that I don’t really consider the Cardinals cheaters. At least I don’t think they’re the Patriots. The Cards got in trouble, and an exec got jail time, for hacking into the Houston Astros “scouting reports”. That was their defense but I don’t buy it, they wouldn’t throw someone in jail for stealing some scouting reports. I’m pretty sure this guy hacked the entire system of the Astros and got a lot more information than just a few scouting reports.

Now what this post is about is on Thursday (while I was writing Thursday’s post) the Cards threw a ball in the dirt and of course Yadier Molina blocked it, but when he got up he couldn’t find the ball and was frantically looking for it, but it was stuck to his chest protector the whole time. Haha that’s funny, look at Yadi looking for that ball when it’s stuck on him, wait a minute, isn’t that cheating? That’s exactly how I was thinking when it happened. Because a baseball just doesn’t stick to a chest protector like that, it obviously had a crazy amount pine tar for a ball to just stick to it. Now I personally don’t think pine tar affects a pitched ball much so it doesn’t really matter to me when a pitcher gets caught with it. Here’s my point though, when a pitcher gets caught with pine tar he gets ejected but nothing happens when Yadier Molina is clearly rubbing some pine tar on the ball before throwing it back to the pitcher. I’m not saying he should be suspended or fined for this, I don’t really think it was affecting the baseball all that much I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy. Just to be clear I do not think Yadi is a cheater, I think he’s one hell of catcher and quite possibly a future hall of famer, just pointing out what happened on Thursday and what I thought about it.


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