#2 roadblock in Chicago

I’m still getting back into the groove of writing a full blog every couple days so this one might be a little short like Tuesday. I was racking my brain trying to think of something to write about about today and didn’t come up with anything. So I figured I’d just give my two cents on one of the few teams that are playing as I write this. Today I’ll write a little about the Chicago Cubs.

And more importantly a player that I don’t think is getting a fair shake from the Cubs, Javier Baez. Baez played great in the world baseball classic for Puerto Rico, was the MVP in the NLCS (or NLDS can’t remember which one). He really should be an everyday starter but he’s not in there today and still not 100% the starter at second base. He brings a good bat, crazy athleticism, and highlight plays on defense every day. For whatever reason the Cubs decided to sign Ben Zobrist last offseason and cause a bigger logjam at second base than what was already coming. Ian Happ was what I was talking about, he’s a top 25 prospect now, he was a top 10 pick a couple years back. Cubs fans might recognize Happ’s name because he had an outstanding spring training and was the talk of camp. Because of Schwarber being back they can’t just put Zobrist in left and start Baez at second like they did late/in the playoffs last year. Why don’t they just start Zobrist in right so Baez can play? That’s an option but you’re putting 180 million dollars, Jason Heyward, on the bench. Just start Heyward in center and bench Almora? Well you’re not gaining anything defensively, they’re both very good, and you’re forced to deal with Heyward not hitting anything playing him just because he’s a highly payed player. It’s a good problem to have, that’s why no one is complaining much, but it’s still a problem. Baez has proven his worth as a starter, Happ is knocking on the door, also Happ can play outfield too just like Zobrist. Don’t be surprised if Zobrist or Schwarber or even Heyward will be traded this year. The lineup has no leadoff hitter and the pitching staff is very old so they could trade for a leadoff guy and some young pitching. Just an idea.


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