#1 let’s talk about Odor

Opening day now in the rear view mirror this is my first official post of the season. I’m not feeling that great today but I could still talk baseball if I was on my deathbed so I can fight through this and write the blog. Just like anything else it’ll be a week or so before I get my writing feet back under me, so these posts might be short the first couple go arounds.

I was trying to figure out what to write about today, maybe Madison Bumgarner? Maybe Andrew Benintendi? No, I decided I’ll write about Rougned Odor who blasted 2 homers yesterday. Even though he’s just 23 years old he is a really big part of the Rangers offense. Last year he hit 33 bombs, for a 5’10” ish second baseman that is not bad what so ever, and he got paid for it this offseason. Signing a 6 year extension with Texas. Don’t remember the exact money in the deal but I know it was for 6 years. It was a little premature if you ask me, he’s generously listed at 5’11” and has never shown that much power in the past. He’s just ok defensively he has gotten better he’s not as bad as he use to be, it’s still sub par. But it seems to be the new trend going around the MLB, if you can hit homers nothing else matters you’ll be in the lineup no matter what. He is also crazy aggressive in the box, who has more homers than walks? I’ll tell you somebody who swings at everything that’s who. But what do I know he gets payed millions of dollars to play baseball, has 2 homers already and I write a blog.


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