#50 last post of the season

This will be my final post of the season, I know there’s at least one game to be played but I’m going out of town on Thursday and will not be able to post after the finale. The only thing I can write about today is the World Series. We are through 5 games of the series and its 3-2 Cleveland. Not much else to say so let’s get into it.

I will still be rooting (somewhat) for the Cubs to win the series. Obviously they can’t win in 6 games like I predicted the most they can do tonight is tie the series 3-3. I think it’s a little too much of an uphill battle for the Cubs to win the series. Corey Kluber is scheduled/planned to go for game 7 and Chicago simply cannot touch the former cy young winner. And the pitcher for Cleveland tonight is Josh Tomlin who the Cubs struggled against in game 2. I thought the Cubs matched up well against the Indians starters and I also thought the offense would finally come out of the dark. But I was wrong this offense has been stagnant the entire postseason. I figured it was maybe because of all the leftys they were facing but when it was a right handed only staff, the Indians, the offense was nowhere to be found. Even the win in game 5 the offense only scored 3 runs so they squeaked by and got the W. Do I still think the Cubs have the firepower to pull it out? Yes I do but do I think it’ll happen? No, in my opinion I think it’ll be over tonight with Cleveland getting the rings.

Since it’s my last post of the year I just have to say Rest In Peace to Jose Fernandez again. His passing was just tragic. Dee Gordon deserves the ESPY for the best moment of the year with that lead off homer. #RIPJF16


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