#49 2 games in

We’re only 2 games into the World Series tied 1-1 so obviously I’m not jumping ship or anything. I still believe the Cubs will win it in 6 games like I said Tuesday. The Indians are very good and everything I just think the Cubs hitters match up very well against the tribes pitching. Game 1 did not surprise me at all, I knew Chicago would struggle against Corey Kluber. Besides that matchup against the other Indians starters I think the Cubs have the upper hand. But the thing I want to focus this post on is Kyle Schwarber.

I said he wasn’t ready on Tuesday but I didn’t have all of the information so I just want to clear the air. Like I said on Tuesday he only played in 2 Arizona fall league games what I didn’t know was that the Cubs also brought in minor leaguers to face Schwarber. So he saw somewhere around 1300 live pitches before the World Series. I personally thought it was like he rolled out of bed, flew to Arizona, played against some prospects then he’d play the WS. I thought that was a little too much to expect that from someone who hasn’t played in 6 months but if I knew he faced more live pitching I might’ve felt differently. If you haven’t noticed his swing has a lot of movement in it and that takes time to get everything right so with him seeing plenty of live pitching I can see why he got 2 hits last night. Now that the series is back in Chicago without a DH there’s a question whether or not he’ll play. It’s ultimately up to Schwarber’s doctors if he can play the field or not but if he can the Cubs have to start him. With an offense who only has a couple hitters hitting good right now you need his bat in the lineup.


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