#48 World Series preview

In case you didn’t know game 1 of the World Series between the Cubs and the Indians is tonight. This post will be about the upcoming finale of the 2016 MLB season. Of course I’ll make my prediction at the end of this post but I have a couple talking points to mention first.

The biggest story is the fact that the Cubs put Kyle Schwarber on the World Series roster. If you ask me it’s a bad idea, he hasn’t played baseball since the beginning of April. But he went down to the Arizona fall league, a prospect league, for 2 games and Chicago somehow thinks that means he’s ready to face major leaguers? Oh please spring training is over a month long and the hitters still take longer than that to get into a grove. Furthermore he didn’t kill it down in Arizona he only got 1 hit. So it’s not like he was killing it and showing he was ready to be back he looked a little over matched but maybe that’s just me. I can’t blame the Cubs for bringing Schwarber back though besides Bryant and Baez, Rizzo and Russell turned it up the last couple games, the lineup is looking ugly. Speaking of bringing players back from injury, Cleveland added Danny Salazar to their World Series roster. Salazar started out this year absolutely lights out looking like he was going to be a serious Cy Young candidate. But then he got injured and was out for awhile then he tried to come back a little too soon didn’t look as good as he did before and ended up getting injured again. He is a difference maker in that rotation, if he’s on he’s a top 10 pitcher right there with Kluber. He needs to be healthy and ready to pitch if Salazar is on the Tribe has some good pitching staff along with Kluber and Baur. You can tell early if Salazar will be good or not, just look at his fastball velocity if he’s around 93 mph he’s likely to get hit around however if he’s 95+ mph he’ll be that top 10 pitcher.

I’m surprised I’m saying this but I actually predict that the team who haven’t won in 108 years is going to win the World Series. I just think the Cubs lineup matches up well against the Indians pitching. It will by no means be a sweep but I’m saying the Cubs win in 6 maybe 7. The WS MVP? Anthony Rizzo.


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