#47 criticizing Tebow

I’m actually not feeling 100% today so this post will probably be a little short. Not much has happened in the baseball world since Tuesday so not too much to write about. Besides the obvious fact the Cleveland Indians clinched and are going to the World Series. So congrats to them but I don’t see anything/anyone to write about on that team, they’re just playing well as a team no one is really killing it. Well Andrew Miller won the MVP as a reliever but still not enough to write about. I’ve already wrote plenty about the Dodgers-Cubs matchup so I think I’ll write about something different today, and something different is Tim Tebow.

The title isn’t about me criticizing Tebow I just want to write about the criticism he’s gotten lately. I personally think it was a little over the line but just my opinion. For some back story, Tim Tebow is down in Arizona fall league and through 7-8 games he has one hit the only ball he has hit out of the infield. Keith Law, a journalist for ESPN, tore into Tebow the other day. Calling him a fake baseball player and it’s just an act he’s trying to stay relevant he’s just a “celebrity” and the AFL (Arizona fall league) is just sitting back and counting their money. It’s a top prospect league so I somewhat understand it I don’t think Tebow was even close to being ready for that level of competition. But who is this guy to judge Tebow’s attempt in baseball? I’ve wrote about Tebow a couple times since he’s been trying baseball did you ever hear me say he’s a fake and all that? No because I’m not like that. You’re kidding yourself if you think Tebow’s a future major leaguer, he’s already old at 29 and he has a lot to learn. I highly doubt he’ll even get close to the majors but I’m not going to bag on him for trying. I will be going to Arizona in a couple weeks and it’ll be on the list to see Tebow.


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