#46 NLCS

Before I start I should say I haven’t been as emotionally invested in baseball as usual. Happens every year when the Nats get knocked out (usually around this time because they lose every year in the NLDS) so I’m sorry if I’m not my usual know everything self. The ALCS is going on as well but that’s kind of a blowout with the Indians up 3 games to none against the Blue Jays. It’s a little bit of a surprise to me because I thought the Jays were the better team but the playoffs are weird. I know plenty of Cub fans and the Cubs-Dodgers series just seems more interesting to me.

I have said this since the beginning, and I obviously still believe it, the Dodgers can spoil this postseason. The series is only tied 1-1 so it’s not like they’re already World Series bound it’s just I think it’s possible. They already beat the second best team in the NL and they match up very well with the Cubs. Even though the 3 games they won against the Nats they beat them by a total of 3 runs obviously barely enough to pull it out. I have had a couple days to process it and you have to hand it to the Dodgers. Their offense wasn’t at all better than the Nats, especially RISP the Dodgers were horrid, but they kept up with the Nats pitching wise. The Nats were obviously a great pitching team and so are the Cubs. Just like the NLDS against the Nats if the Dodgers can keep up with the Cubs on the pitching side maybe they can claw up enough runs to win the series. With the left handed starters the Dodgers have the Cubs are in for a battle. The Cubs have not been great against lefties all year, I know I’ve said that before, the Dodgers have Kershaw (whose already won), Hill, and Urias to potentially start. The Cubs are without a doubt a good hitting team but the highest era of those three pitchers is 3.39 and because they’re lefties I would give the Dodgers the advantage in those 3 games. If the Cubs decide to hit those lefties they could easily win beside Kershaw the other two aren’t as reliable. Like I said playoffs are weird the Cubs could easily change the trend of them being weak against lefty starters. Just my two cents on the NLCS.


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