#45 game 5 tonight

There’s basically only one thing to write about today so obviously I’m going to write about game 5 of the NLDS in Washington. I knew the Dodgers could be potential spoilers for the Nationals going into the postseason so I can’t say I’m surprised it went all the way to game 5 but I was hoping the Nats could pull it off on Tuesday. But unfortunately they did not.

Granted the Dodgers had Kershaw on the mound Tuesday but I was still pretty confident the Nats could pull it out. The Dodgers bullpen is extremely taxed Dave Roberts has not been letting his starters go too deep into games so far in the series. And during the first inning I thought that trend would continue, Kershaw didn’t have his A+ stuff and he was forced to throw 27 pitches. I thought ok the Nats will either get to him early or work the count and force him out early. Either way I’ll be good for the Nats. But after the first inning it was vintage Kershaw and he completely dominated the Nats until the 7th that is. He let the first two batters reach then it was Bryce Harper as the tying run in a 5-2 game. The last 2 MVP’s, Kershaw in 2014 and Harper in 2015, if you like baseball then this postseason matchup with the game on the line should really excite you. Well Kershaw walked Harper to load the bases and then before you know it the game was tied at 5. So then it was the Nats bullpen, been very good all year, vs the Dodgers bullpen, been over used this series. But then the old guy Chase Utley drives in the game winning run in the bottom of the 8th for the Dodgers so they won by 1. Tonight it’ll be Max Scherzer for the Nats against Rich Hill of the Dodgers on 3 days rest. I know Scherzer gave up 4 runs early in game 1 but after that he really settled down so I hope he’ll settle down earlier this go around. Rich Hill isn’t Clayton Kershaw I don’t think he can throw as good as Kersh on 3 days rest. Pitching Hill is a risky move if you ask me. But if that’s what gives the Nats the advantage I’ll take it.

His name is Javier Baez. The hero for the Cubs and the reason they’re advancing to the NLCS.


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