#44 postseason so far

Ok I am officially back in action today. I would like to write about how the postseason is going so far and revisit the predictions I made a couple weeks ago. There’s not a lot to talk about so let’s get into it.

We’ll start in the NL. Back it up to the wild card game. I predicted the Giants would beat the Mets because they have Madison Bumgarner. Guess what happened and who pitched a phenomenal game? The only thing I had wrong was the Mets pitcher, I said they’d throw Bartolo Colon but they went with Noah Syndergaard instead. That was clearly a good idea because MadBum vs Thor actually made it a close game. Fast forward to the NLDS and the Cubs are up 2-1 on the Giants in the 5 game series. The Cubs won the first 2 games at the friendly confines and in my opinion those were the games the Cubs had to win. The Cubs don’t fair too well against left handed pitchers, MadBum last night and Moore tonight, so I don’t think they can win tonight but I didn’t think Arrieta could homer off Bumgarner either but he did so anything is possible. I will say this, if the Cubs don’t pull it out tonight they’re not winning game 5. Think about it if they lose tonight the thoughts will creep into their heads “not this again, same old Cubs, we had two chances to close it out.” The game within the game. To the other NLDS the Nats are up 2-1 over the Dodgers. They’ll also be starting game 4 as soon as I post this, it’ll be Joe Ross and the Nats vs Clayton Kershaw’s Dodgers. Kershaw is coming off 3 days rest and in game 1 the Nats were so far in Kershaw’s head it was crazy he’d have to call his catcher out almost every pitch. I think it’s a bad idea to pitch him, the Nats hit him pretty well the first time around and he didn’t look great anyways, but it’s a must win for the Dodgers got to throw your ace. Still pretty confident the Nats will win today.

Onto the AL this will be very short. First the wild card. I predicted the Tigers to win mainly because all that stood in their way was the Braves and the Braves suck. But of course Detroit loses 2 of 3 in Atlanta. The Blue Jays beat the Orioles with a walk off and then swept the Rangers. In the other ALDS the Indians brought out the brooms against the Red Sox. Didn’t see either coming but hey that’s baseball so the ALCS will be the Blue Jays vs the Indians.


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