#43 next week

First off I will be taking next week off, because I’ll be a little busy and there won’t be much to write about except for the wild card games. With that being said I’m going to knock both out today. I’ll be predicting who takes all 4 wild card spots, both AL and NL are extremely tight races so I could be way off the mark but it’s what I think will happen.

Let’s start in the NL, because that race is a little less murky. There’s only 3 teams in this race, the Cardinals, the Giants, and the Mets. Right now it’ll be the Mets and the Giants in the one game playoff in New York. The Cards do have a chance to steal a wild card spot but in my honest opinion they’ll be on the outside looking in. With that said the playoff game will be MadBum vs Bartolo Colon. And if that’s the matchup the Giants win that one 9 times out of 10.

Now to the AL which is much tighter. I’m not going to list every team still in the hunt, there’s at least 5 teams it’ll take too long. But my favorites to win are the Tigers and the Blue Jays. Because both of their offense are extremely tough and it’d be interesting to see a team slug it out with the Rangers and the Red Sox. The Orioles are also still in the race which is another strong offense but I don’t think they have a good enough pitcher to start the win or go home game. The same thing goes for the Tigers and the Blue Jays so I don’t see either going much farther than the one game. If the starters aren’t Justin Verlander for Detroit and Aaron Sanchez for Toronto I’ll be shocked.


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