#42 a bright star gone too soon

It is with a heavy heart that I write todays post. Jose Fernadez deserves an entire blog post therefore I feel the need to write about him today. After the emotional game in Miami last night I just have to write about everything. Like I said very emotional so there is a good chance I might shed a tear just writing about this.

In case you were living under a rock Jose Fernadez crashed his boat into some rocks Saturday night/Sunday morning. It was seriously heart breaking news to wake up to. He was having such a great year too. He just turned 24 (same as me) and had his entire career ahead of him. The path he started on was leading to the hall of fame without a doubt in my mind. It really hit home for me not just because of the age thing but because of how he played the game. He played with intensity that often rubbed people the wrong way but at the same time he knew how fun this game is, and that’s exactly how I feel about baseball I honestly believe if I still played I would play like Jose. In recent memory last night was probably the most emotional night in baseball. Every Marlins player wore Jose Fernadez’s number 16. Dee Gordon was the lead off hitter for the Marlins, and came up to bat with Jose’s helmet on stepped in the right handed batters box (Dee’s a left handed hitter) and imitated Fernadez’s batting stance. Even though Fernadez was a pitcher he was a pretty accomplished hitter. Then Dee switched back to the left and a couple pitches later rocketed a pitch into the right field seats. A lead off homer. It gives me goosebumps just writing about it, Dee was crying during his trip around the bases. I can’t blame him at all I even teared up when watching it on TV. It was something else. RIP Jose Fernadez you will be forever missed a bright star gone too soon.


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