#39 New York

Now that the season is winding down I’m running out of ideas to write about every two days. Believe it or not something interesting doesn’t happen in baseball every other day. Today I’m just going to write a quick post about the two New York teams, the Yankees and the Mets. I still think they’re both on the outside looking in but both have been pushing for a wildcard recently.

First I’ll start with the Yankees. Like most baseball fans I have never really liked the Yankees at all. These Yankees are no longer the George Steinbrenner’s Yankees that just flash their money and buy every free agent out there. This is basically a regular team with plenty of young talent and not just young they’re actually producing. After this year C.C. Sabitha is a free agent, Mark Texeria is a free agent, don’t have to pay Arod to underproduce anymore, that is a lot of money coming off the books. So next year it’ll be Gary Sanchez, Aaron Judge, Tyler Austin, and Clint Frazier will be pretty close. All those players getting regular at bats I think are in better position to win next year than they have been in recent years. But as for this year, I like how the “Baby Bombers” are swinging it but pitching is the key and I don’t think they have enough pitching to snag a wildcard.

Now lastly the Mets. I stand by what I said at the beginning of the season that the New York Mets were not a playoff team. Yes, I know they’re making a nice push but no I do not think they can actually snag a wildcard. I knew Syndergaard was going to be good this year, both Matz and DeGrom have been injury plagued in the minors so not surprised about them, the only thing I can say surprised me was Harvey struggling and then being injured. Everyone was like “the Mets got Cespedes they’ll be a playoff team again” that was clearly wrong. What people failed to realize is the Mets got David Wright back healthy the same time they got Cespedes. So if you think he was the only reason they made it to the World Series, you’re wrong. So no the Mets are not a playoff team. Maybe they could make it if they called up Tim Tebow.


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