#38 the NL east

There are couple things I would like to write about today and they both reside in the NL east, hence the title. Beginning with Stephen Strasburg and the Nationals, ending with Tim Tebow and the Mets.

First and foremost Stephen Strasburg come off the DL to pitch against the Braves but exited in the 3rd inning with an apparent injury. As a Nats fan my heart dropped because he threw a pitch and grimaced clutching his elbow. It is never good for any pitcher to clutch his elbow after throwing a pitch, especially a guy that’s already had Tommy John surgery. In case you didn’t know Tommy John surgery is when they have to repair a torn ligament in the elbow, when you throw a pitch it puts a lot of stress on that certain ligament. If he did tear something that isn’t good for the Nats World Series chances. Roark is having an outstanding year and he can easily move up in the rotation behind Scherzer, but Stras was the X factor of that rotation. Scherzer is un hittable, Stras can be un hittable, and Roark has a 2.80 era. It’s said that he only felt “a pinch” in his elbow so fingers crossed it’s not bad. Update: Strasburg’s mri shows no structural damage.

This is going to be quick because I do not care for Tebow nor the Mets. He signed a minor league contract with the Mets. I don’t know the specifics yet but my guess is it’s probably only for a year or two. A guy I use to play little league with said it perfectly if anybody besides Tebow showed up to a tryout and with the same skill set they would’ve been sent packing. So it’s whatever congrats to Tebow I guess.


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