#36 Tim Tebow/Yoan Moncada

I’ve done a pretty good job this year of keeping a post about one subject. I noticed last year I was writing about multiple subjects quite often. Nobody really wants to read a blog that takes an hour to read the entire thing. But today there are two main storylines I would like to write about. First being Tim Tebow’s tryout on Tuesday, the second being the call up of MLB’s #1 prospect Yoan Moncada.

Let’s start with some Tebow time. He had his tryout on Tuesday afternoon at USC’s baseball complex. And it wasn’t horrible but I don’t see Tim Tebow being the next Bo Jackson or anything. At 29 years old his tools looked, to me, like an above average high school player. Raw but there were some positives in his game. He ran a tick better than most corner outfielder, showed just an average arm but his throws were surprisingly accurate. What people came to see was how he was going to swing the bat. And he didn’t disappoint during BP. He has good bat speed which can’t be taught but when he faced former major leaguers pumping 90-92 mph, he had some problems. I’m pretty sure he’ll sign somewhere but I highly doubt you’ll ever see Tim Tebow in the majors.

Today rosters expand from 25 to 40 and its a great opportunity for some prospects. Corey Seager got a September call up last year and this year he’ll more than likely win the ROY award. The top prospect getting a September call up this year is the Red Sox 20 year old second baseman, Yoan Moncada. He has been working at third base the last couple weeks so he can be a little more versatile because Dustin Pedroia isn’t going anywhere at second base. Moncada is a very nice looking prospect can do everything well, in the future he can probably be a constant 20 homers 20 steals guy. Thats not stretching it too far but in my honest opinion he’s about a 15 homer 30 steal guy. But still a very very good player obviously. My prediction for his first game is that he goes 1-4 maybe a couple strikeouts but he’ll probably steal a base.


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