#35 Gary is scary

Today I just want to write a quick post about the Yankees young slugger, Gary Sanchez. I couldn’t really think of anything to write about today so I want to shine a little light on the dark horse for the rookie of the year award. Right now he’s still on the outside looking in but I just want to make a quick case for him and maybe open some eyes.

Gary Sanchez already has 11 homers this year and he didn’t hit his first until a couple weeks ago in Boston. He’s played just 23 games this year he’s hitting .380+ with the aforementioned 11 home runs he might play 50 games so multiply his numbers by 2. That’s very similar to how Trevor Story began the year. And guess what? I also saw Sanchez play the Arizona fall league. It just so happens he won AFL MVP award. What he’s doing in the majors right now is exactly what he did in the fall league and it was impressive. Me personally, I have known about Sanchez for about 4 years, had a great bat and top of the line arm strength but didn’t know too much about catching. He didn’t go to college so he had to learn on the fly throughout his minor league career thats why he’s just now making his impact at 23 years old. If I were a Yankee fan I would actually be a little mad that I had to put up with Arod not producing (because he’s 57 years old and supposedly not using steroids anymore) instead of playing this kid all year. And that ultimately might keep the Yanks out of the playoffs.


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