#34 AL east

I couldn’t really think of anything to write about today so I’m just going to talk about the AL east a little. From the beginning it’s always been a pretty interesting division. Now that the season is winding down you can see which teams are serious contenders and which are pretenders. A lot of the contenders reside in the AL east.

Let’s start with my pick to win the division, the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox still have the same problem they’ve had all year, their starting pitching is too weak. David Price wasn’t pitching like his usual self but recently looking like he’s turned it around. After Price there’s Rick Porcello, who already has 17 wins and will probably be a 20 game winner. But that’s it for pitching they really don’t have anyone else except Drew Pomeranz. But the offense is absolutely stacked and that’s why I believe they’ll win the division.

There’s two other heavy hitters in the division, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Baltimore Orioles. But both have even less pitching than the Red Sox so I don’t think either will take the division.

The other team I want to talk about is the New York Yankees. After they traded Carlos Beltran and got rid of A rod (he got fired he didn’t retire) I think they’re a better team. I still think they’ll be on the outside looking in come October but they have some interesting players moving forward. Once they traded Beltran that gave an opportunity for Aaron Judge to finally start in right field. This mammoth of a human should’ve been starting all year but he’s just rookie and you gotta the guy you’re paying a lot of money to (Beltran.). Then there’s the curious case of Gary Sanchez, like Judge should’ve been starting all year. When they (finally) fired A rod it opened a spot for Gary Sanchez at DH/catcher. For years Sanchez was/is considered NYY’s catcher of the future. It took A rod’s to get him consistent at bats at the major league level. He has 9 homers in the last couple weeks.


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