#33 award fails

Nothing really happened over the weekend to make me say I’ve got to write about that on Tuesday. So today I decided to write about how much I failed when predicting the awards at the beginning of the season. I’ve never been too good at predicting awards so I’m not too surprised I sucked.

Let’s start with the NL MVP. I predicted Bryce Harper to take it home again but he’s having a slow year. He has raised his average 10 points in the last week. If you take out his average out of the equation he has 22 homers and 17 steals which is not bad at all. But with Daniel Murphy hitting .340+ 23 homers and 90 rbis it’s his award to lose. In the AL I predicted Robison Cano who’s having a very good year hitting .294 with 28 homers and 79 rbis. But Jose Altuve is just having a ridiculous year .364 (!) 20 homers and 26 steals. That’s just an absurd year (and a little over a month left) so it looks like Cano will be SOL come season end.

Now onto Cy young. This is so off it makes me laugh, I predicted Felix Hernadez to win in the AL. I don’t even have to get into his stats let’s just say he has no shot of winning this year. To top it off I said Chris Archer was my “player to watch” and well he already has 16 loses. Now my NL predictions weren’t too bad so I feel a little better. I picked Johnny Cueto to win and he’s 14-3 with a 2.90 era so pretty good year so far. And my “player to watch” was Stephen Strasburg who’s currently on the DL for the second time this year. But he’s 15-4 with 179 strikeouts in 145 innings so far pretty good year if you ask me. Both might get 20 wins so pretty good picks on my part.


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