#32 lieutenant Dan

“Came out to try out my sea legs” “but you don’t have legs, lieutenant Dan.” Forrest Gump joke? Anyways lieutenant Dan happens to be Braves rookie shortstop, Dansby Swanson, Twitter handle. I thought it was a good ice breaker. It goes without saying that I’m going to write about Dansby Swanson today, who made his debut last night.

He already made his debut so I can’t predict his first game like I usually do with prospects getting the call. Just because I can’t predict the first game doesn’t mean I can’t write a little about Dansby Swanson today. It looks to me like, also the reason he was drafted #1 overall, that Swanson is identical to future HOFer Derek Jeter. I’m not saying he IS Derek Jeter so don’t take it that way. I’m saying their scouting reports are nearly identical, I’m talking about their pure tools. They both have an average arm, average fielder, average speed, and average power. But they both have a plus hit tool if not plus plus. So much like Jeter, Swanson’s potential is a .300+ hitter 15-20 homers 15 steals and the ability to stay at shortstop long term. And then there’s the “it” factor, the baseball instincts, the stuff you can’t measure, both, Jeter and Swanson, are off the charts in this category. Just remember Jeter played for 20 years, Dansby Swanson has only played 1 game so far. In the long run Dansby Swanson could easily be like Derek Jeter, maybe even a better version of Jeter.


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